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First Arduino Project

I’ve finally come up with a reason to play with the Arduino.  Last week our server room’s AC went offline and the building’s AC is turned off.  When the our sys admins got there in the morning it was a scorching 118 degrees in the server room.  While we could probably buy a sensor or use one of the computers in the server room to send notifications about temperature problems that wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

So, I’m going to build an Arduino system that will monitor the temperature in the room and send an email whenever it rises past a specified threshold.  Additionally, it will have a small web server that we can use to see what the current temperature is in the room.


  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Ethernet Shield w/ SD Card Slot
  • Temperature sensor


  • Simple Web Server (1 page stored on the SD card)
  • Simple email sender (template stored on the SD card)
  • Read the thresholds from a file on the SD card
  • Monitor the temperature for exceeding the threshold
  • Datalog the temperature (rotate logs once per month or as size dictates)

I’ll keep posting updates here as I work through the project…


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